[TRANS] Avex's official announcement on Tohoshinki & SM Entertainment

posted on 02 Dec 2010 22:35 by shimchangminta in TVXQ
Regarding the tie-up between S.M.ENTERTAINMENT JAPAN Inc. and avex group

The cooperative relationship between S.M.ENTERTAINMENT JAPAN Inc. and avex group has been built up from the execution of the exclusive contracts of BoA, Tohoshinki, and J-Min; but this time, we have again built up another tight cooperative relationship between the two companies.

Including the artists that were mentioned above, the two companies will be executing exclusive contracts of SUPER JUNIOR (※ 1) and f(x) (※ 2), artists who already made a big break in Korea. The two artists mentioned will be entering the Japanese market under the proactive management of S.M.ENTERTAINMENT JAPAN Inc. They will also be under the record label and management of avex group, and we will do our best to support their activities.

Regarding Tohoshinki, they will be resuming their activities with the current members Yunho and Changmin.

From now on, we hope that you will continue to support BoA, Tohoshinki, J-Min, SUPER JUNIOR, and f (x).

※ 1 - A 13-member male group. Debut in 2005.
※ 2 - A 5-member female group. Debut in 2009.


Source: Tohoshinki Official Website
Translation: linhkawaii @ OneTVXQ.com
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